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UniMAC - Institute of Film and Television


The Institute of Film and Television (IFT), situated in Accra, Ghana, is your entrance into the realm of film, television, animation, and media production. It empowers you to translate your creative aspirations into tangible reality.


IFT offers a diverse spectrum of programs tailored to nurture your passion, establishing itself as a pinnacle of excellence in media education. Our graduates thrive, with 90% attaining employment or pursuing advanced studies within just 15 months of completion.


Amidst Accra's vibrant setting, your experience is further enriched, fostering artistic evolution within a lively cultural nucleus. Join IFT and become an integral part of an innovative community propelling the future of African media and storytelling. Your journey towards artistic accomplishment begins right here.

It may captivate your interest to discover that the Institute of Film and Television (IFT) extends its course offerings well beyond the realms of film and television – spanning from media production to animation, and from storytelling to visual arts. We transcend the constraints of our name, embracing a multifaceted realm of creative possibilities.

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UniMAC - Institute of Film and Television

What truly sets us apart is our resolute commitment to delivering an education that transcends the ordinary. Our approach extends beyond textbooks and lectures; it's grounded in the principle that the filmmakers and media pioneers of tomorrow should be nurtured within an immersive, practical, and contemporary milieu. This is why our emphasis on hands-on learning and intimate engagement persists unwaveringly.


At the Institute of Film and Television (IFT), our courses are meticulously curated with a distinctive, dynamic, and innovative pedagogical approach. Our objective is to cultivate self-reliant professionals who can navigate the ever-evolving landscape of creativity. By honing skills in critical analysis, problem-solving, persuasive reasoning, and industry insight, our programs are designed to equip you with the skill set required to conquer the challenges of the real world. Our commitment doesn't merely revolve around instruction; it's about readying you for the dynamic rigors of your future vocation.

What Sets Us Apart

"I decided to pursue media production at NAFTI over other institutions due to the captivating and contemporary course modules. The intimate class settings were also a major draw, offering a more personalized connection with instructors. NAFTI stands out as a trailblazer in modern education delivery, embracing innovation and practical experience."

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Institute of Film and Television 

Kakramadu Rd, Accra

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